Boann Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey PX Cask


• Single Pot Still• 70cl • 47% ALC/VOL


A New Dawn….

Initially, matured in Oloroso Sherry Hogsheads from Bodegas Garvey’s of Jerez da la Frontera, Spain. These 250ltr American Oak (Quercus Alba) hogsheads were chosen alongside George Espie (RIP ex Master of Wood from The Macallan) and Ventura Nunez from the famed Vasyma Cooperage in Jerez.
We filled these casks with a mixed mash bill Single Pot Still distillate which included malted barley, unmalted barley, oats and rye. All of these grains are Irish and grown locally.
We then sourced the most amazing PX casks we have ever come across. These PX Butts 500ltr+ were discovered by our partner cooperage in Andalusia, R.L. Rodriguez, and hail from the Mediterranean climes of Malaga. They had been in a vintage PX Solera system for over 60 years and were thick to the bone with gorgeous PX syrupy wine.

A portion of these casks are made exclusively from Chestnut, which is a very rare variety of wood to mature whiskey in Ireland. Our friends across the water in Scotland can only mature their spirit in oak casks.
We then finished our wonderful Oloroso Sherry matured Single Pot Still in these rare vintage PX Solera Casks.
Harmonising the Oloroso Sherry hogsheads maturation with the rich Spanish PX Butts has created something truly special and decadent.
The label design of this expression talks about the wood and the grain of the cask. As we have used very rare and special 60yo Chestnut PX Solera Butts for this whiskey.

• Single Pot Still• 70cl • 47% ALC/VOL