Boann Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey Marsala Cask


• Single Pot Still• 70cl • 47% ALC/VOL


A New Dawn….

Initially matured in ex-Bourbon Barrels from the famed Brown Forman of Kentucky and made from American Oak 200ltr (Quercus Alba) with a heavy charring.
We filled these casks with a mixed mash bill Single Pot Still distillate which included malted barley, unmalted barley, oats and rye. All of these grains are Irish and grown locally.
In collaboration with the famous Marsala house, Cantine de Vinci, we sourced a selection of Superiore and Fine Marsala Butts made from (Quercus Petraea) French oak.

We filled these beautiful casks with our bourbon matured Single Pot Still which has a real American Oak backbone of vanilla and honey and then layered on top are the characteristics of the French Oak spice and juicy citrus notes from the Marsala wine.
The label design is representing the Irish local barley that we use in our mash bills. There is also a reference to the cornflower which is also the colour of the text on the label.

• Single Pot Still• 70cl • 47% ALC/VOL