Our Process

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Distilling is an art. At Boann we combine traditional brewing and distilling methods with modern technology to create the most unique of whiskeys.

The production of the highest quality Single Pot Still distillate requires a considered effort to not only efficiently process the un-malted grains contained within the Single Pot Still mash bills (recipes), but to also maximise the flavour and mouthfeel of Ireland’s signature style of whiskey.

It is the inclusion of these unmalted grains in the mashbill that not only garnered Irish Single Pot Still whiskey its global fame, but it’s also what separates the category from its cousin, Single Malt (100% malted barley).

Unmalted grains offer a wide variety of flavours to the subsequent spirit but they also offer a whole host of challenges for distilleries who try to make whiskey with them.

The Boann Distillery brewing system is specifically designed to produce single pot still spirit by utilising both a mash conversion vessel and lauter tun. This makes it one of the only purpose-built single pot still brewing systems in the country specifically designed to process un-malted grains, and efficiently activate crucial enzymes that make brewing with un-malted grains possible. This makes us uniquely positioned to produce some of the finest and highest quality single pot still spirit in the country.

If you would like to discover more about the brewing process, delve deeper here.

Our Italian made copper pot stills utilise pioneering nano-technology in the lyne arms of each still which allows six times more copper contact with the new make spirit vapour. Copper has long been used in distillation for both its catalytic effects and ability to remove undesirable sulphuric compounds, such as mercaptans and disulpides, ensuring we produce the purest of spirit.

Reflux control in the necks of the intermediate and spirit still give us the flexibility to vary our distillations from light to heavy distillate.

Ultra-modern condensers with sub-coolers ensure the spirit is drawn off at ten degrees celsius preserving the delicate flavour profile of our unique spirit.

Discover more about the unique distillation process at Boann Distillery and how we’ve the first whiskey distillery in the world to employ nano-technology in the distillation process.

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