Single Grains

Sit and whistle a while

Whistled into life one fabled New Year’s Eve, this whiskey has notes of family tradition and history. The Whistler is a whiskey of a noteworthy craft that is as old as the story told, the written word and the whistled tune.

Mosaic Marsala Cask

The Whistler Mosaic Marsala Cask is a fantastic example of a premium, small batch Single Grain whiskey from Ireland. This unique single grain Irish whiskey has been initially matured in ex-bourbon casks before being finished in exquisite Sicilian Marsala casks. This creates a perfectly balanced whiskey which boasts a deliciously fruity and flavoursome nose and palate to match.


A huge citrus burst, dry citrus peel with fleshy and juicy orange, and lime with hints of vanilla, chocolate and oak spices in the rear.


Warm toffee and hazelnut open the palate with dry citrus, honey and stewed apricots following.


A medium length finish with citrus zest, oak spice and honey.


Non Chill Filtered • Natural Colour • 46% ALC/VOL.

Irish Whiskey Cask Owner