Our Whiskeys

Crafted in the Boyne Valley

Born of bravery. In pursuit of excellence. Boann is more than a whiskey. It is a measure. A measure taking inspiration from the past and gathering knowledge from the now, to breathe new life into an ancient Irish craft.


Our whiskeys will be crafted as Irish malt and pot still whiskeys. Irish pot still being uniquely Irish, came about with the introduction of the 1785 Malt Tax. In true Irish fashion and to avoid paying full excise taxes on the whiskey, the Irish introduced an element of unmalted barley to the mix.

Using our own well water, drawn from below the Boyne Valley and local Irish barley, we will mill, mash and distill on site. Our distinctive pot stills have been specially designed to maximise both traditional methods and also the use of modern techniques in the form of special reflux cooling jackets and patented nanocopper technology.

By combining both tradition and technology, we will produce the purest spirit of great character that will uniquely reflect its sense of place — a unique and contemporary spirit with a unique provenance.

Maturation of all our spirit in the finest oak casks will all occur on site in our cellar and custom-built warehouse under the close eye of our team to produce a whiskey of distinct character with a real sense of place.

We bottle in-house, thus controlling the whole process from grain to glass.

While we wait patiently for our whiskey to mature for a minimum of three years and a day we will also be crafting a very special gin, incorporating local hedgerow botanicals, from our small specially commissioned Bennett gin still. Once again a unique product linked closely to its place of origin.

Irish Whiskey Cask Owner