Launching the Whistler Trilogy

We are delighted to report that The Whistler Irish whiskey range is now available in the US nationwide.

Whistled into life one New Years Eve, The Whistler range is born of the noteworthy craft and time-honoured traditions that are as old as the story told, the written word and the whistled tune. The national launch across the US includes our newest range release, The Whistler Trilogy.

Combining tradition and technical know-how, Boann’s Master Distiller, Family Beekeeper, and Master Blender came together to craft a whiskey-based trilogy that showcases some of the finest whiskey, smoothest honey and freshest cream that Ireland has to offer.


The Whistler Double Oaked Irish whiskey is a hand-selected, premium Irish whiskey expression that is crafted in small batches using some of Ireland’s finest malt and grain whiskeys. Our Master Distiller selects the finest whiskeys matured exclusively in ex-bourbon barrels before transferring them to our signature Oloroso sherry casks for six months which create a complex and full-bodied whiskey.


The Whistler Irish Honey whiskey is a natural collaboration between the family beekeepers and their love for Irish whiskey. They take some of the finest ex-bourbon matured Irish Whiskey and infuse it with honey harvested from their family orchards at the foot of the Hill of Tara in the Boyne Valley.


The Whistler Irish Cream is a decadent whiskey liqueur and the first in the world to utilize the prestigious Single Pot Still Irish whiskey style in its blend. Single Pot Still Whiskey is uniquely Irish and combines both triple distilled, malted and un-malted barley. This cream liqueur expertly blends the freshest Irish cream from grass fed cows with the very best of Irish whiskey. This creates an all-natural Irish cream with true depth, flavour and fantastic whiskey undertones.

In celebration of the US brand launch, Boann Distillery will be giving away a trip to Ireland, including airfare, hotel, spending and a tour of the Boann Distillery’s state of the art facilities. US residents can enter through The Whistler’s US Facebook (@TheWhistlerWhiskeyUS) and Instagram (@TheWhistlerWhiskeyUS) accounts starting March 1, 2020.

The Trilogy range is exclusively launching in the US with Boann Distillery’s long term industry partner Prestige Beverage Group. The 750ml bottles are hitting shelves now with an SRP of $29.99.

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