Imperial Stout Cask Finish Batch 002

Beer and whiskey have long been known as fair bedfellows, often found together on bartops across the world, but it’s important not to forget that they are related too! For the first part of whiskey production, prior to distillation, is to in-fact create a beer. So we have set about to continue their collaboration series for these malt cousins.

The Whistler Imperial Stout Cask Finish Batch 002 is as a decadent Imperial Stout finished Irish whiskey that partners The Whistler’s Boann Distillery and Carlow based O’Hara’s | Carlow Brewing Company O’Hara’s | Carlow Brewing Company together for this cask finished release.

As with Batch 001’s collaboration with Boyne Brewhouse, Batch 002 see’s O’Hara’s Brewery take freshly disgorged single malt sherry casks and fill them with their signature Imperial Stout beer. This is left to mature and soak into the wood for a minimum of 6 months before being disgorged and filled with Whistler whiskey to be matured for a future 6 months in cask before being bottled.

The Whistler Imperial Stout Cask Finish boasts a bespoke blend of whiskeys for this release, 50% wheat whiskey, 35% malt whiskey and 15% grain. All of which were initially matured in ex-bourbon barrels before being married together and finished in O’Hara’s Imperial Stout casks.

Batch 002 is a decadent, dark & fruity whiskey, filled with chocolate, cocoa and the signature dry characterists of Imperial Stout beer. The Whistler Imperial Stout Cask Finishes are known for their decadent and dry flavour profiles that stand them apart from the rest of the Irish whiskey category.

This is a limited release whiskey that is only produced once a year, with a limited 3,000 bottles per batch. Bottled at 43% ABV, it is non-chill filtered and contains no caramel colouring.

Best enjoyed neat, rocks, or with your favourite pint of Irish Stout.

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Tasting Notes:

Nose: Dark tart berries, mixed with powdered chocolate and luxurious coffee.

Palate: A dry and creamy palate that is complemented by dark, juicy and tart berries that couple the chocolate characteristics into a black forest-esque flavour profile.

Finish: Long, creamy mouthfeel lingers.

Author – Matt Healy