Best Brand Innovator 2022 Award

We are over the moon to have won a top prize at the prestigious Whisky Magazine’s 2022 Icons of Whisky (Ireland) Awards. At a ceremony in Dublin’s Iveagh Gardens on Thursday night, Peter Cooney was on hand to collect the award for “Best Brand Innovator 2022”.

The Award champions our vintage mashbills campaign, which were recreated from long lost distilleries of the late 19th and early 20th Century. These mashbills were revived as part of a collaboration with historian and author, Fionnan O’Connor, who discovered them while completing his Technological University of Dublin (TUD) thesis. The Vintage Mashbill campaign has played an important part in our development since they were distilled in December 2019.

The recipes for our new single pot still ‘New Born’ spirit came out of the mashbills project and it went onto win the Best New Make and Young Spirit 2021 at the World Whiskies Awards last April.