Alex Witt


Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, USA

Do they drink whiskey in your hometown? If so, what kind?

Not really, but when they do it is Bourbon.


Bi-lingual Fluency American English & Irish English. Learning German.

How long have you worked as a distiller in Boann Distillery?

Since May 2020.

What was the first whiskey that got you into drinking whiskey? Where did you have it?

Macallan 12 in my last job in Bend Oregon.

How do you drink your whiskey?


What is your favourite part of the whiskey making process?

The few moments before the spirit still starts flowing. The air is electric you know the spirit is about to flow.

What is your least favourite part of the whiskey making process?

Discharging the pot ale. It doesn’t smell as fantastic as the spirit still.

What is your favourite cask type to work with?

Calvados Casks that we filled. They are 400 litres and they were unique to work with, I have not seen many distilleries working with casks this large.

Who in the distillery is the fastest at unloading a truck full of barrels?

Ludo Delamare.

If you had full control over the distillery, what would you make?

Double distilled, mixed mashbill pot still.

Which do you prefer making? Whiskey or gin?


What distillery do you want to visit when things open up again?

New Midleton Distillery. To see the sheer size of the place.

Irish Whiskey Cask Owner