The Whistler Irish Whiskey Trilogy Bundle



The Whistler Trilogy pack includes, three unique bottlings from The Whistler range, the perfect selection for any occasion.

The Whistler Double Oaked is a hand-selected, premium Irish whiskey expression that is crafted in small batches using some of Ireland’s finest malt and grain whiskeys.

The Whistler Irish Honey Whiskey was a natural collaboration between the Cooney family beekeepers and a love for Irish whiskey. Using some of the finest ex-bourbon matured and sherry finished Irish Whiskey, this was then infused with honey, harvested from the Cooney’s family orchards.

The Whistler Irish Cream is a decadent whiskey liqueur that is the first in the world to utilize the prestigious Single Pot Still Irish whiskey spirit in its blend. This cream liqueur combines the freshest Irish cream from grass fed cows with the pinnacle of Irish whiskey. This creates an Irish cream with true depth, flavour and fantastic whiskey undertones.

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