The Whistler 21 YO Madeira Justino’s Collaboration


The Whistler21 YO Single Malt Madeira Finish

This special bottling tells the story of the passing of time with the Whiskey representing the sun. On the back label we state that this whiskey has been aged no less that 7,665 sun rises and suns sets.
This whiskey is initially matured in Bourbon Barrels for a minimum of 20 Years, then finished in two unique single casks for 18 months that previously held Justino’s Madeira Malvasia fortified wine.

54.5% ABV. Cask Strength. Non-Chill Filtered. Natural Colour. 50cl


Justino’s 20 YO Madeira Malvasia

In this tale of the passing of time the Madeira represents the moon and has been aged for no less that 260 astro moon cycles.
Two 20yo Malvasia Madeira casks were selected, cask 26 and 27. These casks were originally cognac casks with a volume of 350ltrs and made from Quercus Robur French Oak.
Harvested in 1999, these Madeiras use the Malvasia De São Jorge (North Coast) grape, and are aged using the ‘Canteiro’ method.
Tasting notes:

19.5% ABV. Product of Madeira. Certified at Bottling. 50cl


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