Silks Irish Dry Gin Gift Pack



Silks Gin is distilled by hand in small batches in our 500 litre custom copper pot still. Our signature botanicals are hand foraged from our family apple orchards; apple blossom from the trees, honey from our bees and elderflower and hawthorn blossom from our hedgerows. Our 14 distinct botanicals are macerated for 24 hours before slow distilling with vapour infusion. Each distillation is non-chill filtered and cut back with our own deep well water before bottling.

Distilled in our custom copper “Bennett” pot still. Distilled with 14 Botanicals. Steeping our traditional botanicals for a day before distillation ensures our gin is fresh, bright, and balanced. A Vapour Infusion Chamber is used for the more subtle underlying flavours of our signature Irish botanicals which are foraged locally from our family orchards.

The Perfect Balance of Apple Blossom, Irish Honey & Elderflower.


Hand Distilled . Small batch . 42% ALC/VOL

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